Beach Clean Up
Once every year, students in their final year of the PYP dive deep into their “Exhibition”, an investigation into a significant topic with global impact. As the Year 6 students this year complete their exhibition process, many of them have started to take action in order to make a positive impact on the world around them. This year’s exhibition is focused on sharing the planet. On Thursday of this week, Early Years and Primary students were able to participate in Animal Day, which was sponsored by two two Year 6 students. Below is a description of this action in their own words: “Our names are Maite and Angela, we are from Year 6. We are in the process of our Exhibition. Exhibition is the final project of the Primary School. It shows our learning in a fun and independent way. Our topic is about Animals in Captivity. Right now, we are doing our action. Action means organizing or making something that can make a change in this world. For our action, we are doing a fundraiser. On Thursday, students could bring ¥7 to dress up as an animal or bring in their favorite stuffed animal toy. We first made sure we had permission to organize this event and then we started telling people about it. We made a PPT and we went around the classrooms doing presentations to raise awareness and inform people about this event. We also made permission slips that they could hand out to their parents. We got this idea from last year’s student council. We hope to raise a lot of money and then donate it all to an organization called World Animal Protection. We also hope to raise awareness about how this is a serious problem and that humans need to start taking responsibility for animal welfare. Lastly, we hope to save and improve abused captive animal’s lives.” Animal Captivity On Friday, two other students initiated a ZIS beach clean-up day as part of their exhibition action. Below is their description of this action: Our Action, by Liya “Action is to do or change something. Our topic is plastic pollution in the sea. My action for Exhibition is cleaning up the ZIS beach. We had the idea because Logan and I went to the ZIS beach during our mentor meeting with Ms. Zanda and we saw lots of plastic there, so we want to go and clean it up. Then we thought that we can take the other students from other class and clean it up together (Year 5 and Year 6 students). Our goal for our action is to clean up most of the garbage on the beach to save more sea animals and sea birds to get less affected by the plastic on this beach.” Our Action, by Logan “Action is taking all your exhibition information and doing something about it. My topic is about plastic in the ocean. My action is to clean up the ZIS beach. We thought of this idea because when I saw the ZIS beach, there was a lot of plastic there. Liya and I went to different classrooms, (Y5 Y6) because we want to inform people about the beach cleanup. We then spoke to the class and they were surprised by our facts so a lot of them signed up to join and clean the beach with us. We got our trash bags and gloves labeled and we are ready to do this. My goal is to clean up almost all the trash on beach, put the plastic and the trash into bags, throw the bags in the big garbage bin behind the school, and then the trucks take them to recycle them. That is my action of the PYP exhibition 2021.” Beach Clean Up We are so proud of this generation of children, as they have such a heart for working together to make this world a better place.