Parents who wish to enrol their sons or daughters at Zhuhai International School should make an appointment to visit the school in the first instance by contacting Lilian Zhang, Office and Admissions Manager on or [0086] 756 331 5580.

Admissions Policy

Zhuhai International School is open to all students from 3 to 18 years old who carry foreign passports or residency permits from Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan.  Students applying for positions at ZIS should hold appropriate visas that allow them to live and study in Zhuhai, China.

The language of instruction at ZIS is English.  All students whose first language is not English are expected to commit to learning English as a means to participating fully in the programme at the school.  ZIS does offer EAL support classes to those students who are not fluent in English.  Please read the Year Level Admissions guidelines carefully with regard to entrance requirements.  Please note that ZIS may wish to get an agreement over terms and conditions to improve a student’s English ability on joining the school and this may involve extra charges for intensive tuition in English.

Year Level Admission Guidelines

All parents and students will meet with the Head of School, The Head of Primary, The MYP/DP Coordinators and/or The Head of Secondary, the Head of Learning Services and the Office Manager as appropriate on their visit to the school.

Please note that interviews and assessments are not necessarily a pass or fail hurdle for admission but rather they are to ensure the school can make the best provision for each student by way of educational support if and as necessary.  Class placements in ZIS is strictly in accordance with age related criteria i.e. the cut off birthday date determining age and therefore Year group being 01 September.

Nursery to Year 6 inclusive. [Ages 3 – 10 years]

A mutually agreed arrangement for prospective students to spend half a day or a full day in their age level class will be made with parents.  The student will be assessed during his/her time in school.  Feedback will be given to parents after this assessment.

Years 7 – 13 inclusive [Ages 11 – 18 years]

Students will be required to sit Mathematics and English Language tests and will participate in an entry interview with the Head of Learning Services. The assessment is diagnostic, for school purposes, and parents will be notified of the terms and conditions applying to support from the school.

Students entering the Diploma Programme will be advised on their subject choices which will be agreed with the Diploma Programme Coordinator and ratified with the student and his or her parents provided they are accepted onto the course.

It may be that students in Years 11 to 13 inclusive may be expected to take the IELTS [International English Language Testing System] examinations since this is a requirement for Higher Education study abroad.


Students who are unable to visit the school because of studying in a school elsewhere will be able to take our admissions tests by mutual arrangement with their current school.  In such cases, full information about the current school will be required for contact purposes.