Application Procedure:

Arrange a visit to the school grounds by contacting our admissions office:


Office PH: 86-756-3315580/3320016

Fax: 86-756-3320016

Mobile PH: +86 137 2703 0105; Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM

Admissions will set up a time for parents and the child(ren) to come take a tour of the school facilities, meet the Head of School , and discuss any further questions the family may have.

Application Checklist

In order for an application to be processed, we will need the following documentation:

  • A completed and signed Application Form.
  • Clear photocopy of parents’ and student’s passports.
  • Copy of student’s birth certificate with official translation if necessary.
  • Copy of parents’ and student’s residence permits or diplomatic visas, or letter from parent’s employer affirming that visa will be procured.
  • Health form and copy of up-to-date immunization record.
  • Four (4) recent passport sized photos.
  • Academic records in English. Official Records (with school seal) in other languages must be submitted, but it is the responsibility of the applicant’s parents to provide a certified English translation. Parents can use the Records Release Form to request school records.
  • For Nursery applicants, full records for the preceding year.
  • For Year 1-10 applicants, up-to-date current records and for two years previous
  • For Year 11 and above applicants, all records from Year 7 to present

Records needed include:

  • Any available standardized test scores
  • Records of any special needs testing (if applicable)
  • Classroom teacher recommendation – academic subject or homeroom teacher.
  • The principal/counselor recommendation
  • For Year 7 and above recommendation from Mathematics, English, and one other teacher.


To request records from previous school(s) parents should use the records request form.

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