MUN 2018

ZIS Seniors at MUN 2018

ZIS students shone as delegates at U2NESCO 2018, the Model United Nations conference held by Utahloy International School in Zengcheng.

Our student leaders Dija, Zak and Jason coordinated preparations and mentored our delegates in the lead up. All our students performed commendably and all of our delegates’ resolutions passed. Incredibly, we had awards in every committee where we had delegates. Ethan, Jude and Jason took away Best Delegate for their committees. Zak and Sienna earned Outstanding Delegate in theirs. And Leo received Honorable Mention in the G20 committee. Dija was commended for doing an excellent job in her role as co-chair of the Environment committee.

On the lighter side, Zak and Ethan earned Best Dressed, Sienna earned Most Likely To Become a Dictator (of Australia), Zak (as Delegate for Germany) earned Most Likely To Start World War III and was informally named Most Aggr… er, Competitive. We’re in a good place to form a strong team for U2NESCO 2019 and I hope we can bring new ZIS students to experience it. Special thank you to MUN Advisers Ms. Kimberley and Ms. A-J for helping our students to succeed.

A video from the event is on YouTube and features interviews with Jude and Jason.

Mr. Luke Janicke
MUN Adviser 2018

MUN a real feast of ideas and thoughts which effectively expands students’ international perspectives. It’s a very memorable experience for our students and for us advisors. ZIS students increase their comprehensive knowledge of politics, economics, sociology and public relations. Through three days of deep discussion and communication, they not only expand their macroscopic international vision, but also broaden their own social circle to make more friends and close connections. I am proud of our ZIS students. The two topics of the Chinese Language committee discussed were “Measures to mitigate the potential negative impact to public health posed by urbanization” and “Measures to relieve the negative impact of child labor globally.” From the first day to the end they started to master the official language of the UN, for example not using “I” and “YOU”, they started to stand confidently in front of the room and accept sharp questioning, they started to know how to make their proposals fully effective.

Ms. Kimberley Shi