It’s Harvest Time!

Not so long ago in October during their ‘Week Without Walls’ experience our Year 3 and 4 students helped create the first ever ZIS Garden. Since that time our students have taken the time to water and care for the garden, with help from our resident green thumb and Year 3 classroom teacher Ms. Frances.  Now three months later their hard work has paid off in the form a flourishing garden full of fresh, organic herbs and vegetables.

The garden has also been used for a number of related learning experiences.  The students have connected their math learning while measuring the amount of water and estimating the growth of our plants, and observed the life cycle of a number of our vegetables and how they are affected by insects and other living things around the garden.  This garden and the passion fruit, orange and lemon trees our students planted have been a great addition to our ZIS campus, and it looks like they will bring more good things to come in the future.