IMG_7409 IMG_7428 IMG_7427 IMG_7424 IMG_7419 IMG_7460 IMG_7450 IMG_7448 IMG_7436 IMG_7414 IMG_7403 IMG_7476 IMG_7466International Day 2019 was simply spectacular.  How wonderful to have all of our families on campus to celebrate together. Our annual International Day allows us to celebrate our community and our diversity. Students, especially the younger ones, look forward to the day with the activities and prizes tailored to their interests. On the whole it is a day to connect with people, to enjoy the foods and drinks of different cultures, and to share something of the places we call home. As you can see, people tend to wear their national colours or don cultural dress – it ends up being a very colourful day! Our Friends of ZIS take a lead role in preparing for the event, and the parents and staff who are involved take on nearly every aspect of the day. Behind the scenes there are many unsung contributions: the legwork involved in soliciting raffle prizes and business promotions, the coordination of the logistics of the day (tables, tents, maps, signs) taken on by the Office Team, and the preparation of national/regional booths by parents and staff who buy ingredients, create infographics, plan games, and entertain visitors throughout the morning. Thank you to all – it would not be possible without everyone’s involvement. Passports are created each year for the students to take to the various booths. Each country/region has a multiple choice question in the passport and post the answer somewhere with their displays. Children receive a stamp in the passport once their visit concludes. New this year, students are invited to collect a prize once all of their pages are stamped. For a second year we welcomed Flex, the company behind the MECH charity, our liaison for the Book Drive and Operation Shoebox.  They have aslo been collaborating with one of our PYPx teams, we are so fortunate to have these partners working with us! As in previous years, student exhibitions featured in this year’s event. Year 6 students shared their PYPx displays with visitors on the second floor after an intense day of sharing on Friday. The Year 11 students unveiled their MYP Personal Projects. One year is never the same as the one before and we are grateful for all of the new ideas offered to elevate the experience of the day.  Thank you for everyone’s contributions and support on this most memorable day.