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Chinese New Year at ZIS

Congratulations to our primary students who put on a spectacular performance this Saturday at our annual celebration of Chinese New Year.

Sharing their singing, dancing, and acting with a standing room only audience of parents and friends, the students took us on a journey to various homes across China.  From Beijing to Dongbei, from Taiwan to Guangdong, from Yungui to Chengdu, and even to Mongolia, the students led us in an exploration of what it means to be home, the importance of family, and the wondrous diversity of the Chinese human and physical landscape.

Written and directed by ZIS parent Ms. Pieternel Senff, the show placed the students at center stage as they guided the crowd from destination to destination aboard the high-speed train.  The final result was a fantastic expedition that was a true community effort, showing off the many talents of students, staff, and parents alike.

Surrounding the main performance were a wide variety of other presentations and activities, including the debut of the ZIS Big Band ensemble.  The foyer, already busy with stalls and activities dedicated to Chinese culture, found itself wrapped in the jazzy sounds of the student performers.  The cool vibe was replaced by the exertion of the competitors in the table tennis tournament, adding a competitive flair to the day.

Overall it was a fabulous event, possible only thanks to the huge effort of our students, staff, and parents.  Thank you to everyone who helped to bring the colours, sounds, and tastes to the campus as we welcomed the Year of the Dog.

See our CNY Show as featured on ZHTV